About Us

We are Brittany and Sarita.

We are friends, moms, professionals, big fans of the outdoors, and kindred spirits.

We, like many people, are disheartened by humanity’s struggles today.

Us-versus-them. Judginess. Loneliness. Biases. Autopilot. Propaganda.

Technology has connected us, but has it made us better?

We think it can.

We believe technology can help the common good.

We think technology can help each of us be a little better, every day.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people make more meaningful and intentional connections, both with ourselves and with others, in our everyday lives.

We believe that when we, the people, are more intentional about our joy and humanity, we bring that energy into the world and impact the people around us.

And that positive impact has a cascading effect.

We believe that real change begins from within.