Share Your Stories

Thank you, so much, for sharing your stories! Here are a few things to consider before your interview.

What are the Four Videos We're Creating?

  1. A short introduction of yourself.

  2. Tell me a story about how you were able to find more joy or more humanity in your life.

  3. As you’ve grown wisdom in your life, what experiences have fostered your growth

  4. Tell me a fun story.

The intro is <15 seconds, and the stories are 2.5 minutes or less.


Why Are We Asking You to Share Stories?

  • We hope people can apply learnings from your story into their own lives. There’s a lot of advice out there on living with more joy and more humanity, but there's nothing like a real-life story to help put the ideas into practice.

  • Your story also helps to remind all of us of our shared humanity.  We are creating videos from people of every race, age, size, gender, belief system, and political affiliation. On the surface, we have different experiences. But deep down, we're more alike than we are different.

  • These goals are part of jomanity’s mission to help people foster more joy, more humanity, and more meaningful connection in their lives, in their communities, and in the world.

How to Prepare: Tips for telling an engaging and effective story.

  • Length: Plan to tell the story in a single take, in under 2.5 minutes (150 seconds).

  • What to talk about: The best stories take the user back in time. ​The best stories let the viewer connect to your situation, understand what it looked like, what it felt like, what your thoughts were, and what you didHere are some questions to help you reflect back in time.

  • Prep: Think about the key points in advance and also be conscious of time. But don't spend a lot of time prepping. Think of it as sharing a story with a friend so that you can speak naturally, rather than rehearsed. We can re-record stories if you want to start over, also totally fine.

  • Most importantly, be your authentic self! You’re sharing a personal story rather than giving advice. Seriously, be true to you.


What to Expect on the Day of Recording.

  • Tips for good video and sound are here.

  • Recording the videos:

    • We’ll record your introduction, first. We can record it a few times as you’re getting used to recording, that’s totally fine.

    • Then, we'll record the stories.

    • We want you to enjoy the process! You’re putting something good out into the world and we want you to feel really good about it!

  • After recording, we’ll do some light editing on the videos and send them to you for review. 

  • Then, we’ll post them! 

Every interview we've done has been heartwarming and has taught us something. And every story has made us feel more connected to our shared humanity.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience and wisdom that you've grown.

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