Share Your Stories

In a Nutshell

Create a video (or a few)--about two minutes long--telling a story of how you've experienced positive change, related to joy, humanity, connection/relationships, or insight. ​

Why Share?

We are creating a space to remind all of us of our shared humanity.  We're looking for videos from people of every race, age, size, gender, belief system, and political affiliation. On the surface, we have different experiences. But deep down, we're more alike than we are different.


There’s a lot of advice out there, but there's nothing like a real-life how-I-did-it story to give people real ideas to try in their own life.


Step 01/ Prep

1- Think of experiences that have made you wiser. These are usually times where you were vulnerable, or made a mistake, or had a journey of some kind. Think of stories that you would share with friends who are working through a challenge.


2- Please keep stories to 2.5 minutes or shorter

Step 02/Record

1- Introduce yourself at the beginning of the video (something like "I'm Gabriela and this story is about...") 

2- Try a dry-run to make sure the sound and video are in good shape. Watch it. Is your face well-lit? Is the sound good?

3- Record the story.


** Maybe try a few takes as you get comfortable.

Step 03/

Reach out to Sarita or Brittany to submit the video.


  • Watch the videos above for specific tips and an example.

  • Most importantly, be your authentic self! Seriously, be true to you.

  • Plan to tell the story in a single take, in under 2.5 minutes (150 seconds).

  • The best stories take the user back in time. ​The best stories let the viewer connect to your situation, understand what it looked like, what it felt like, what your thoughts were, and what you did

  • Think about the key points of your story in advance and also be conscious of time.

  • Think of it as sharing a story with a friend so that you can speak naturally, rather than rehearsed. 

  • Consider doing a practice video first to check length and video quality.

  • Tips for good video and sound are here.

Every story we've reviewed has been heartwarming and has taught us something. And every story has made us feel more connected to our shared humanity.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience and wisdom that you've grown.

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