Signs of Fake News

Fake news is getting really sophisticated. Some videos can be altered in a way that your eyes cannot tell the difference.

But there's also a lot of easy-to-spot fake news. 

There's also value in understanding why anyone would create fake news. What purpose does it serve?

Easy-to-spot Signs of Fake News. 

See The Purpose of Fake News


Sign 1: Look for unusual web addresses like


Fake news sites will take a legitimate newsite, say USA Today or ABC News, and try to fool you with their web address. For example was a trickster, fake site. (It’s been taken down.) 

Sign 2: Can you find the news on other, reputable sites?

If you can’t find this news on other reputable sites, then it’s probably not real news., PBS, and the Associated Press are considered least biased by both left-leaning and right-leaning people..


Wait a second--aren’t news companies partisan? This is where it gets tricky: The difference between news and editorials. Journalists have a code of ethics. If it’s news, and it’s verifiable, there’s an obligation to report it. ## Also, hot news is a money maker.  

Sign 3: Does it seem like it’s crazy? Does it seem like fiction?

This one is tougher, because there are crazy things happening in real life. Some people really do and say rotten things. So when innocent people are accused of saying or doing rotten things, how do you know what to believe?  So, reference point #2 above.

Sign 4: Are there typos or grammatical errors?  

Legitimate news sites have a thorough review process before news gets posted.


Obvious typos or really odd grammar are two red flags.

Sign 5: Be wary of the comments section

A good way to demoralize yourself is to read the comments section of… well just about anything.


On top of the toxicity of many comments, there are also just fake comments. Comments can be mass-created and faked. They follow a format that switches the specific words and the order of the words, but still creates unique sentences. These are put into place to make it seem like there

The Purpose of Fake News

See Easy to Spot Signs of Fake News


Purpose 1: To make a few people a lot of money


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Purpose 2: To damage democracy

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