All Of Us Are Humanity. Together.

We are stronger together. But "together" takes work.

It's normal to think of us-vs-them.

We can deliberately move to "us-and-them."


Since the beginning of time, people have worked to manipulate and divide.


We can come together and let our choices, and the ripple affect, create a better society and a better world.


Resources and Citations

  1. Martin Luther King Jr., The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. “And in every one of us, there's a war going on. It's a civil war. I don't care who you are, I don't care where you live, there is a civil war going on in your life. And every time you set out to be good, there's something pulling on you, telling you to be evil. It's going on in your life. Every time you set out to love, something keeps pulling on you, trying to get you to hate. Every time you set out to be kind and say nice things about people, something is pulling on you to be jealous and envious and to spread evil gossip about them. There's a civil war going on. There is a schizophrenia, as the psychologists or the psychiatrists would call it, going on within all of us. And there are times that all of us know somehow that there is a Mr. Hyde and a Dr. Jekyll in us...There's a tension at the heart of human nature. And whenever we set out to dream our dreams and to build our temples, we must be honest enough to recognize it.”