a social space to grow real-world wellbeing and wisdom.

jomanity is designed to build more joy in your life and more humanity around us

This is technology with a Point of View.

We're looking for people who believe that social spaces should help us grow, be happier, and lift society.


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Social networks have proven that they can degrade humanity.

Can an online social community lift humanity?

We think the answer is yes.

Most of us want the same things.

We want to be happy.

And healthy.

We want strong, loving relationships.

We want our lives to have meaning.

We want to grow into better versions of ourselves.

But the big social platforms don't focus on that.

Instead, we get FOMO.

We get rage.

We get us-versus-them.

Shouldn't we expect better?

jomanity is technology and community to build more joy, more meaningful connections, stronger insight, and to lift humanity.

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more joy.

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